Unlimited Section Backgrounds

Each section, where the modules are stored can have their own background image, font and link color. The section configuration can be done from backend, see image below

Sections are: headerbar, top-a, top-b, top-c, top-d, bottom-a, bottom-b, bottom-c, bottom-d

Section BG

Customizer Included

Pick colors, select fonts and modify sizes without any CSS coding. See the changes in a real-time preview.

Just a short example how to customize the mainmenu bar Scroll

Module Positions

Module Layout


This theme comes with a lot of module positions. The blue module positions allow to choose a module layout which defines the module alignment and proportions:


Column Layout


The two available sidebars, highlighted in red, can be switched to the left or right side and their widths can easily be set in the theme administration.

For modules in the blue and red positions you can choose different module styles. Take a look at the module variations page to get an overview.

Module Positions


INTERIOR - Simply Powerful Joomla Theme

Our Joomla Templates are created with modern browsers and mobile devices in mind, and employ the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript techniques. All templates comes with a quickstart package to get you started quickly and easily.

Interiors is our new Responsive Joomla theme that was created specifically to fill the gap in interior design and decoration services that are always in need. This gorgeous theme is fully responsive and easy to use.

It’s provided with an awesome slideshow and full width background images for each section where the modules are stored. And on a top everything it’s multi language ready, which is very important nowadays to spread the word across the world. It’s definitely one of those themes you need.



The general theme section allows you to control the behaviour and the overall appearance of your theme.


The style section contains the customizer. Hit the Customizer button to add your own style or to modify an existing style. After the customizer is loaded, you can easily customize colors, fonts, margins and even more settings of the theme. The customizer saves only the modified variables and automatically compiles them into CSS.


Demo Image Demo Image Demo Image Demo Image

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